Quit Facebook Now | Why Quit Facebook Now
In a word "surveillance" is the problem with Facebook. In every other area of life we would never agree to 24 hour surveillance. Why are we agreeing to it online? We don't have to. Quit Facebook now and find a new alternative.
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Why To Quit Facebook

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Why Quit Facebook

10 Reason To Quit Facebook

Time: There are likely a lot of more interesting, and certainly more productive things, you could be doing with your time. Life is time so every minute you spend “following” and “liking” you’re paying for it with one of the most valuable assets imaginable – your life. As Mark Cuban famously said, Facebook is a “time suck.”

Privacy: Facebook’s “Real Name” policy means it doesn’t like, or allow, anonymity, which causes huge problems for users. Cambridge Analytica used the data of 50,000,000 Facebook users to target political ads. Facebook user data is sold for commercial purposes and exposed to governments for use outside the knowledge of the Facebook user. Snooping is a core part of Facebook’s business model.

Friends: While Facebook is marketed as a social network that connects friends, the very opposite is true. Facebook is the place to go to betray your friends. Facebook wants your friends and we happily hand them over. Worse yet, based on user data, Facebook is able to build a profile on your “friends” who prefer to be no part of the social network.

Relationships:  Marriages, business partnerships, and other long cherished relationships have been lost over misunderstandings that got out of control on Facebook and Instagram, as private matters are aired on the public platforms.

Unhealthy: Aside from promoting voyeurism and negative social comparisons, Facebook has continually prioritized features designed to make the platform addictive and has allowed users to instantaneously purchase harmful ads without scrutiny.

Data: Facebook accumulates mountains of data on each of its users. This can expose the user to identity theft and fraud in the event of a data breach. Even more insidious is the manipulation of data to influence the users’ behaviors.

Crime: Facebook is a haven for criminals and sexual deviants.

The company has also struggled to stop the spread of offensive live videos on the platform, some featuring graphic abuse and violence. Even Facebook has acknowledged that social media use can be bad for users’ mental health.

Harassment: For many, especially young users, the threat of online bullying and shaming is enough to keep them off the social platform. Anonymity (mentioned above) could help but that’s not allowed.

Content: Facebook may be good at keeping up with people you already know but it’s lousy for meeting and engaging new people. After a while it gets frustrating to keep reading about what the people in your friends list had for breakfast or how they partied last night.

Reputation: Users have been prevented admission to a college they otherwise qualified to attend, they’ve lost jobs and customers, they’ve even been kicked out of school – all because of something posted on Facebook or Instagram. Some people have never recovered from the damage done to their reputation.

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